David Lloyd Leisure

David Lloyd Leisure requested a new, ecologically-friendly lighting scheme to replace the group’s existing spotlights. To date, LEDtec has provided over 20,000 LED replacement lamps with further purchases to follow. The estimated savings are in excess of £200,000 annually –achieved through a combination of much-reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs.

 “LEDtec (UK) Ltd has provided new lighting that is cost effective, environmentally-sound and future proof”, said a David Lloyd Leisure spokesperson.  

“We have a commitment to reduce our CO2 output in 2014 by 20% from our 2010 baseline consumption and the work with LEDtec is an important part of reaching our targets.  Member and staff comfort are of paramount importance to us and we have received a positive response to this new lighting from both groups.”

In addition to saving money and reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint, LEDtec tailored the new LED lighting both to improve the members’ experience when visiting a center and the working environment for employees. In the swimming pools, changing rooms, cafés and reception areas, the newly fitted, soft, warm-white LED lighting has also created a more uplifting atmosphere.

There is a further, significant benefit - the LED lights are cool to the touch, emit no harmful ultra violet rays and contain no mercury. 

 “We are helping David Lloyd Leisure to continue with its strong policy of protecting the environment” said Tony Adams, LEDtec’s David Lloyd account manager.

 “The saving on energy is helping the planet and the efficiency and beneficial characteristics of our LED lighting enable David Lloyd Leisure to run an even healthier, more cost-effective organisation.”
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