T8 Sensor LED Tube series – On/Off

T8 Sensor LED Tube series – On/Off


LED Replacement for T8, T10, T12 fluorescent tubes

Product Description:

Type: 900mm Tube
Colour/Finish: White/Silver
Classification: IP20
Lamp Wattage: 14W
LED Driver: Integral
Emergency Version: Available
Operating voltage: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Dimming: Non- Dimmable
Socket: G13
Power factor: >0.9
Beam angle: 120°        
Weight: 450g
Warranty: 5 years

Replacement for: Replacing existing 900mm fluorescent tube

Total energy saving per fitting - 50%

Recommended Locations:

Kitchen, Offices, Toilets, Plant Rooms, Corridors, Storage Rooms

Key Function

Auto On/Off
With our new Smart Detect feature the LED Tube will switch off in unoccupied areas when no movement is detected for 20 seconds.

Once the area becomes occupied, the light will instantly activate to full illumination.

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T8 Sensor LED Tube series – On/Off – Specifications

LTT-BH-WW-160-16 3000K 160° IP54 1000lm >80
LTT-BH-NW-160-16 4500K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-CW-160-16 6000K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-WW-160-16-E 3000K 160° IP54 1000lm >80
LTT-BH-NW-160-16-E 4500K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-CW-160-16-E 6000K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-WW-160-16-S 3000K 160° IP54 1000lm >80
LTT-BH-NW-160-16-S 4500K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-CW-160-16-S 6000K 160° IP54 1200lm >80
LTT-BH-WW-160-16-SE 3000K 160° IP54 1000lm >80
LTT-BH-NW-160-16-SE 4500K 160° IP54 1200lm >80