HID High Bays

HID High Bays


LED Replacement for HID High Bay fitting


  • Type: High Bay

  • Colour/Finish: Black/Polycarbonate

  • Classification: IP65

  • LED Driver: External (Mean Well)

  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate

  • Beam angle: 60°

  • Voltage: 90-305VAc/50-60Hz

  • Operating temperature: -20° C to +45°C

  • Power Factor: >0.95

  • Warranty: 5 Years

  • Replacement for: 250-400W HID light sources

Total energy saving per fitting - 50%

Recommended Locations:

Warehouse, Factory, Sports arena, Supermarket, Exhibition halls

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HID High Bay fitting 100W – Specifications

LTB-HB-WW-60B-100 3000K 8000lm >80 100W 6.3Kg
LTB-HB-NW-60B-100 4500K 9000lm >80 100W 6.3Kg
LTB-HB-CW-60B-100 5700K 9000lm >80 100W 6.3Kg
LTB-HB-WW-60B-150 3000K 12000lm >80 150W 11.1Kg
LTB-HB-NW-60B-150 4500K 13500lm >80 150W 11.1Kg
LTB-HB-CW-60B-150 5700K 13500lm >80 150W 11.1Kg
LTB-HB-WW-60B-200 3000K 16000lm >80 200W 11.6Kg
LTB-HB-NW-60B-200 4500K 18000lm >80 200W 11.6Kg
LTB-HB-CW-60B-200 5700K 18000lm >80 200W 11.6Kg
LTB-HB-WW-60B-300 3000K 24000lm >80 300W 11.8Kg
LTB-HB-NW-60B-300 4500K 27000lm >80 300W 11.8Kg
LTB-HB-CW-60B-300 5700K 27000lm >80 300W 11.8Kg